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Valor Manufacturing Training
Consultation with
Robert Farrell

Greetings! I’m Robert, but you can call me Bob. I’m a native New Yorker (the Bronx!) who has been fortunate enough to live all around our great country through my work. Most recently, my wife and I left the traffic and headache of southern California behind us for the mountains and fresh air of Colorado Springs with our daughter. 

I have been in Professional and Educational Publishing for 30 years.  I have enjoyed many roles including Sales, Sales Management, Content Acquisition and Development.  Over the years, I noticed trends that changed my perspective on Higher Education. Students are less prepared for college, especially in STEM oriented courses. I also saw an astounding increase in community college students not graduating or moving on to four-year institutions. This trend has shaped my new passion to change the stigma that skilled trades are a fallback or “Plan B”. I want to eliminate the "four-year-degree" narrative of high school teachers and guidance counselors and shed a positive light that learning a skilled trade takes years of hard work, takes bravery and can be very lucrative. 

Away from work, I am taking full advantage of our new home in Colorado Springs.  I love to run and workout as well as hike with my family all over Colorado. And, in the winter you’ll find me swooshing down the slopes! 


What will we discuss?

The challenges and barriers your organization faces with employee training and retention.

How Valor's highly customizable solutions help businesses just like yours every day.

What Valor can do to make your job easier and help achieve your goals.